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heating and hot

Plus remember hive now do, alarms, connected plugs/sockets and other items to expand its use. Check if Hive heating can provide your home’s heating requirements. After all, a Hive thermostat is a good investment for your home. If you have multiple Hive thermostats at home, pair all of them with the receiver.

According to Wikipedia, Hive was created in 2012 by British Gas, which is owned by Centrica. The first product was, naturally, a smart thermostat to control heating and hot water. Since then the Hive product line has grown and U.S. distribution started last year.

Smart Home

At minimum, a few IFTTT skills should be supported to bridge the gap. I saved the Hive Active Thermostat for last as it’s the only product in the Welcome Home pack that I did not install and test. I already have a competing smart thermostat installed, and I didn’t want to disrupt my heating system while it’s cold outside. On the left, you can control the brightness by tapping one of the orange dots. The brightness changes to correspond to the changed setting. Tapping on the center of the light bulb icon turns the light on/off.

I have been caught out twice in the past when British Gas made changes. The Node-RED dashboard Web page offers full control of CH and HW with up to 8 programmable ‘On’ periods per day plus Override/Boost functions. A Raspberry Pi Zero W controls a Hive Active Thermostat /Boiler Controller – A standalone Central Heating / Hot Water control solution (without the British Gas ‘Cloud’). Replace the battery in the thermostat and allow to boot. Turn boiler off at the mains, this will also turn off the receiver.

Motion Sensor

The Active Thermostat is included in the Welcome Home and Heading & Cooling Packs. If you purchase one of the other Packs, you can add the Hive Active Thermostat to your system XLM for $179.99. Once you install the wall plate you then attach the thermostat to the backplate using the screws and wall anchors provided. A convenient built-in level helps you to mount it straight.

There is no need for you to connect your smart devices or a Hive App or Hub because you can use the Hive thermostat manually. You can use the basic functions without connecting to the app or hub. For other settings and modes, you also use the thermostat’s dial. You can easily change the temperature, switch modes, and set up heating schedules with the dial. I don’t have UFH, I’m intending on putting SRVs on each of my 14 radiators, but apparently having the heating split into 2 zones, upstairs and downstairs, is causing a lot of issues. From new boilers, to power flushing and smart controls, we offer a range of central heating services throughout Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.

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Unlike some similarly-priced can you remove hive heating switches from manufacturers like TP-Link and Belkin, the Active Plug does not offer energy monitoring. The Hive Active Plug is designed for indoor use only and plugs into a conventional grounded AC outlet. The wall plug is located directly behind the switched socket on the front, so you’ll probably want to use the top socket in your wall outlet. The wall plug is located towards the bottom of the product so that if you do use the top outlet, the Active Plug doesn’t block the bottom outlet.

Though I don’t have screenshots, I’m assuming it uses the same scheduling interface as found in all of the other products that use the Hive app. You can also set a vacation schedule so that when you return home, it will be at a comfortable temperature. Of course, you can change temperatures and schedules and view the current status of your Active Thermostat using your mobile devices remotely. All smart thermostats require a “C” wire in order to provide power.

Hive’s abandoned smart home devices will cease operation starting in 2023

Once done, you can manually use the thermostat functions by turning the dial and pressing the buttons in the receiver. You can use basic functions to keep your home warm and comfortable. A Hive Hub is necessary if you want to control your devices. This is a separate device that manages your connected devices. Ensure that you have a good WiFi connection inside your home. Child Lock – This function prevents any changes in the thermostat settings.

Can you remove Hive thermostat from wall?

Press the tab on the base of the thermostat to remove it from the wall. (or pull away from the back plate if you have the thermostat with the touch screen icons).

So far, the Pi-ve software has been installed and hopefully configured correctly and all software components are working. Lastly, install some icon graphics used by the node-RED dashboard to indicate the SLR online and CH/HW demand status. Next, install some additional node-RED nodes required by the Pi-ve flow . Step 2 of the guide – Installing – instructions to install Node.js may be omitted as this will have been installed earlier during the node-RED install. Your Pi-ve will require the following software/firmware.

and hold the menu and back buttons to factory reset the device. Allow the countdown to finish and release when you see ‘welcome’ – after selecting – a language, it will enter pairing mode. The camera attaches to the arm rising out of the base using a magnet.

If you have to use one of these, we recommend you request a professional If you have more zones to install, repeat the steps until all thermostats have been connected. Disconnect the wires from the old thermostat backplate and remove it from the wall.

  • I would definitely recommend people using Alexa instead of Hive for scheduling because there is so many benefits, not just this one.
  • The Hive Active Thermostat needs to be installed into your cooling system before you can configure it.
  • However, a tiled floor can be susceptible to both cracking and gaps forming between tiles due to changes in temperature.
  • Is it displaying error messages left, right, and center and completely ignoring every command that you program?

Firstly, you’ll need to confirm the wires shown in green are the ones you want to connect. The Hive thermostat will automatically detect when a wire is connected to a terminal. The web frontend screen should now show two new devices successfully connected to the Pi-ve Zigbee network with unfriendly hexadecimal names. Replace batteries in the Hive Active Thermostat WHILE pressing ‘back’ and ‘menu’ buttons on the SLT3 OR the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons on the SLT2 to perform a factory reset.


Set heating and hot water times that suit your schedule. A wired smart digital thermostat that allows everyone to create their own heating schedule for each day of the week. The Neomitis features NEAR a large LCD display and easy to use controls. Nest thermostats provide energy savings by learning your schedule and how your home warms up, so you’ll never heat an empty home.


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